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Ragnarok Violet - FAQs - Where & How To Make Elemental Weapons?

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Elements in Ragnarok Violet are very simple compared to its older sibling, Ragnarok Online.  In Ragnarok Violet, there are only four elements namely Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.  These properties (a.k.a. attributes) can strengthen or weaken attacks depending on the player and the monster's element. 

To put it simply...
Fire is weak against Water.
Water is weak against Wind.
Wind is weak against Earth.
Earth is weak against Fire.

Fire < Water < Wind < Earth

Alternatively, you can use the mnemonic, FiWaWiE (pronounced similarly to the popular sports car, "Ferrari").  Hahaha.

With this in mind, let's move on to the main question...
How and where do we make weapons elemental?

In Ragnarok Violet, the first thing that you should do to make elemental weapons is to obtain cards of the chosen element.  The four cards below are what you will need.

Dordor Card = Wind Attribute
Gram Card = Water Attribute
Ultra Card = Earth Attribute
Hell Keeper Card = Fire Attribute

Once you collect the card/s, head to the Payon Smithy.
The blacksmith there will insert the card for you free of charge. ^_~
Just remember though, once you insert the card you can not remove it unless you buy a "Card Extractor" for $1.99 in the Shop.  Honestly, you are better off making your elemental cards using card recipes than using your money.  Save your money for other useful items and leave the "card-extracting" for the boss cards.

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